Curve Solutions works with our clients to identify your real business challenges, your most critical pain points and ultimately the solutions that will create enduring change and lasting results.

We help your leaders to make better decisions, to convert those decisions into action and deliver sustainable results.

Together we will transform your organization.


Curve Solutions helps organizations turn ideas into reality. We help you to build value, reduce costs, drive new growth and transform your business.

Our team of senior management consultants provide real solutions to you, our clients.

Strategic Solutions

We develop a solid strategy and roadmap for a sustainable information management program. We help you to identify where you are and the steps it will take to get you to where you want to be.  We then work with you to implement the plan.

  • Strategy & planning
  • Information architecture
  • Management systems
  • Risk management
  • Governance

Industry Solutions

Curve Solutions consultants possess a broad range of knowledge and industry expertise. We are passionate about using that expertise to further your organization. And, as a result of open and honest communication, you experience real business success.

Information and Records Management

Curve Solutions knows access to quality data is essential to meet both your short and long-term business objectives. We develop the framework to capture that data in a timely and consistent manner.

  • Architecture
  • Data governance
  • Data quality
  • Data integration
  • Metadata management
  • Content management
  • Master data management


Curve Solutions helps you to close the gap between strategy and execution. We create the strategy and then put it work.  And, we work with you every step along the process.

Brandon Hoye, Managing Partner

Brandon Hoye is the founder and managing partner of Curve Solutions.

His vision is to bring together a group of remarkable consultants, who like Brandon, want to partner with clients based on trust and mutual respect. He builds long-term relationships with our clients as together we make a real difference in your organizations.

With more than 15 years experience in IT and Operations, Brandon specializes in software selection and market scans, implementations, acquisitions & divestitures, regulatory compliance, management system development, change management and post audit corrective action projects.

His experience in the Energy Sector includes small independent and large multi-national conventional and unconventional producers, midstream, and services companies.

Dennis McConaghy, Energy Advisor

Dennis McConaghy was part of the senior executive group with TransCanada Corp that pursued the regulatory approval of Keystone XL.

With a 30 plus year career in the Canadian energy industry, Dennis has been accountable for the development of corporate strategy, with particular emphasis on emerging oil sands opportunities and challenges.

He is a visiting fellow in public policy and energy studies at the Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario. And, adjunct fellow at the Niskanen Center, a Washington, DC based think tank, focused on carbon and energy policy. He is also associated with the Canadian Global Affairs International think tank.

Dennis participates in initiatives to foster compromise between environmental concerns and energy development in Canada.

Janice Andersson, OCM Advisor

Janice Andersson is a management consultant who helps organizations as they plan for or are in the midst of organizational change. She provides plans, processes and services that help organizations to achieve breakthrough results primarily from unleashing human potential.

Janice helps to identify pain-points and solutions that increase collaboration, engagement and the commitment of stakeholders.

She brings understanding, clarity and compassion to complex environments with 25 years experience in the energy and non-profit industries, think tanks and the media. She supports organizations to increase business success by applying exceptional communications, change, LEAN and leadership skills.


Curve Solutions believes our consultants are our greatest strength. They help build and foster the relationships with our clients, based on confidence, respect and trust. Our consultants are personable, fun and willing to buckle down to get the job done.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional people who want to make a difference.

If you feel you are a fit, we would like to hear from you.